Episode 7

Published on:

10th Dec 2020

Scott Adams: Chris and Matt Go to Hell

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, has since written self-help books like 'Win Bigly' & 'Loserthink' and now hosts his own podcast "Coffee with Scott Adams".

In mild-mannered, folksy, and avuncular style, he has a 'simultaneous sip' of coffee, a little chuckle with his listeners, and then they chat about the events of the day and how democracy is a farce and maybe a benevolent dictatorship would be preferable.

Scott's fatherly advice is geared towards one thing: undermining your belief that there is any truth or justice in world - or that these things are even possible. You can trust literally nobody. All systems are corrupt, and the world works through the exercise of naked power and the manipulation of gullible rubes like you.

It doesn't even matter if the libs stole the election. Trump should just go ahead and take it, if he can.

Scott Adams considers himself a Master Persuader and he uses every rhetorical trick in the book to persuade you that America is so corrupt to try and get you to agree that a benevolent dictator would probably be preferable at this point.

Think of the kind of 'helpful advice' that Wormtongue used to demoralise Théoden in Lord of the Rings.

It's really horrible...

So, if this sounds like fun to you, join Chris and Matt as they go to hell and become increasingly depressed throughout the episode!


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